2015 Chiropractic Homecoming and Winter Gathering

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  • Feb. 5-7, 2015

    Join your colleagues and friends and get inspired with the perfect blend of quality education,
    camaraderie and fun at our annual Homecoming.


  • Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World
  • The Role of History and Evaluation in the Care of the Pediatric Patient
  • Movement and Motor Control Evaluation of the Low Back, Hip and Knee / Hands-on Workshop
  • Healthy Aging
  • Nutritional Support for the Musculoskeletal System
  • Radiology 4x30: A Two-Hour Radiology Relay Race
  • Concussion Management; The Manual Therapy Approach
  • Sequelae of Trauma to the Neck: Anatomy, Rehab and X-ray
  • Preventing Boundary Crossing Pitfalls
  • Disruptive Patient Communications
  • Diagnosis, Documentation, Compliance, Medicare and ICD Coding
  • Cervical Spine Rehabilitation: Hands-on Workshop
  • Clinical Tools to Help Your EHR System Work For You
  • Trending Tendinopathies of the Shoulder, Elbows and Achilles: Overview and Demonstration of Acupuncture, Gua Sha and Cupping
NEW! Non-Credit Business Track:
  • Super Success in this New Era of Chiropractic
  • The ABCs of Building a Pediatric Practice
  • A.C.E.S. - An Evolution
  • Communication in Your Practice

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Chiropractic Assistant Program

Friday, Feb. 6  8:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m.

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Agenda / Speakers


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  • Troy Amdahl, DC
  • Dave Braun, DC
  • Lona Cook, DC
  • Craig Couillard, DC, CMT, CCSP, ICCSP, CSCS, CES, PES
  • Todd Crabtree, DC, JD, MBA
  • Renée DeVries, DC, DACBR
  • William Esteb
  • David Jackson, DC
  • Thuy Katzenberger, DC, MAc, LAc
  • Kevin Kerchansky, DC, DACRB
  • Christopher Major, DC, DACBR
  • Anita Manne, DC, DACBR
  • Timothy Mick, DC, DACBR
  • Kenneth S. J. Murkowsky, DC, CCT, FICA, FMCC, DAACA, FAACA, MPC-DC/CA Coach, PAL
  • Dan Murphy, DC
  • Jeffrey Rich, DC, DACBR
  • Jay R. Robbins, DC, DACBN, CCN
  • Tory Robson, DC
  • Timothy Stark, MPhil, DC, DACBSP, ICCSP, CSCS, FICC
  • Kim Swineheart, DC
  • Timothy S. Wakefield, DC, DACBSP, CSCS, CCST

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Registration and Fees             

The registration fee of $235 includes all presentations, continental breakfasts, luncheons, the Women's Networking Breakfast and the Friday night dinner party.


Continuing Education

This year's Homecoming provides 20-plus hours of continuing education, including 3 X-ray hours, 2 acupuncture hours, 4 nutrition hours and 1 professional boundaries hour.


Special rates for Chiropractic Homecoming are available at the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America when you make your reservations before Friday, Jan. 19, 2015.

Clinical Lab Testing Service

Call 952-885-5434 to schedule your appointment. Now located in the Bloomington Natural Care Center.

Clinical Lab hours:

  • Thursday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m.
  • Saturday 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Reunion Years Reception

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America hotel

If you are a member of the graduating classes of 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 – you are invited to a special Reunion Years Reception Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.

Even if you are not attending Homecoming, you are invited to the reception. Share your memories and let us know what you're doing now in our Memory Book.

Awards Dinner and Entertainment

Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America hotel

Join us Friday night at 7:00 p.m. for dinner, dancing and entertainment provided by Song Blast.

Exhibitor Area / Sponsor Breaks

Visit our showcase of more than 120 exhibitors and sponsors. An Exhibitor Directory is provided to attendees.

Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor

If you are interested in having an exhibit to showcase your services or products - or in becoming a sponsor - visit Exhibitor and Sponsor Information.

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